The Erickson Project

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How tall are they?

A: Our experience and those of other reports indicate a mature male ranges from seven to nine feet tall. Females average from six to seven and a half feet tall, however it is their muscle bulk of the sasquatch that is so impressive.

Q: Why have there not been sasquatch bodies or bones discovered? A: For the same reason no one discovers the body or bones of most predators that have died of natural causes. When ill or nearing death they hole up in very secluded areas, and die there. Their carcass is eaten by other predators and remaining bones are consumed porcupines and other rodents.

Q: How many Sasquatch exist in North America?

A: Extremely difficult to quantify, sightings indicate sporadic populations in nearly all heavily wooded areas of Canada and the U.S. The Sasquatch is known to occupy a range larger of that of the black bear. Our estimate is minimum of 4000.

Q: Do they have their own language?

A: Yes. Our own experience and witness reports and sound recordings absolutely suggest they have language

Q: Why has no sasquatch been trapped or shot?

A: The Sasquatch is an extremely cunning and elusive creature. Their senses are beyond human, especially their incredible night vision. In human populated areas the operate almost strictly nocturnally. We know of two sasquatch that were mistakenly shot by hunters decades ago. In both cases, upon discovery, the men ran off, afraid to tell anyone until many years later.

Q: Why have they never officially been studied by scientists?

A: Scientists in general are not risk-takers. Because a Sasquatch is so much like a human they can be hoaxed. Scientists are afraid to make a mistake as a result it has been safer for most of them to steer clear of the phenomena. We hope this will change, now that a Sasquatch genomic sequencing has been achieved.